Bien Hoa

Photos provided by Mike Goetz

Newbie, Pfc Mike Goetz, Jan 66.


TCP bunker, PFC Mike Goetz, March 1966  Bien Hoa.


 PFC Goetz at Check Point on Hwy 1 before the bridge going into Saigon, Sept. 1966.


 PFC Goetz in Xuan- Loc, Sept. 1966, at the end of a convoy escort.  

  PFC Goetz at Hwy 1 Check Point  Long Bien area.

  PFC Goetz in Aug. 1966 on Hwy 1 patrol..

April 1966 Fairwell party in Ben Hoa club, L/R Bill Dixon, Morgan, Mezger, Mike Goetz, Lassere, Basatka, Kenny Koodrick, Sweeney, at barstool Bruce Hackert.

  1st Plt.  jeep lot April 1966; L/R Cook, Morgan, Kenny Koodrick, Mezger, Canh Sat Ben, Lassere, Bill Dixon, Ed Jensen. Cook is going home.