3rd Platoon

This photo was taken in Can Tho at Bien Xi Moi just outside the 3rd Platoon Compound and Desk about March 1967.  SP/4 Pierce is driving the M-151 jeep. .                                                                                          This and the following photos by Charles Klotz.

The Can Tho M.P. Desk, March 1967.  Seated at the Desk is Sgt. Ken Meyers.


Bien Xi Moi, looking down the alley just across the street from the Can Tho M.P. Desk.

Can Tho canal scene.

Traffic Control Point and Main gate Bunker at Eakin Compound, MACV IV Corps Hq, 1966.

                                                                           The above and the following Photos provided by Jerry Johnson.

ARVN and U.S. Army Security Platoon bunker directly across the road from MP TCP/Bunker Eakin Compound, 1966.

Company sign on side of Can Tho billets while HQ element was at Can Tho (1966).

View from atop the Can Tho billets in Bien Xi Moi.  This is the view the night watch would see in early evening (1966).

SP/4s Sears, Williams, and QC Thuc at the Bien Xi Moi Billets/Desk (1966).

From Left, SP/4s Geiger, Rose, Williams, and Sowell in 1966.

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