3rd Platoon

Photos provided by Jerry Johnson.

View of West side of Bien Xi Moi billets as we began a compound expansion program.  The double poles mark the eventual boundary, to get there we had to drain a rice paddy next to the billets, fill with soil, and then top with gravel.  All this to accommodate the HQ element moving to the Can Tho from Tan Son Nhut in mid-year 1966.

HQ element equipment arrives while expansion detail still on going.

The fence is up now, and some of the equipment in place but still have to pour cement and build the motor pool building.

Building the cement pad that would eventually be the motor pool foundation.

Cpl. Haley (front) and others resting after a hard day working on expanding the Compound area.  This photo taken from inside of the motor pool shed.

From Left, SP/4s Jordon, Klein (standing), and Unkown resting after working on compound expansion detail.

PFC Dan Towery with the little friends. The second child from the left, with hands clasped, is Co Hai, the platoon mascot of sorts.  She was found behind the billets near dead and was informally adopted by the troops.  Each night she would sneak on the compound to sleep, usually in the motor pool shed, as an orphan she had no where else to go.

Traffic circle in Can Tho (1966).

Skyraider at Bien Thuy airfield, about 5 kilometers from Can Tho.


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