News Articles

Article #1   News article and photos from Vol. 3 No 6 of The Roundup (18th Bde.) newspaper, June 1970. 

Article #2   News article and photo about River Security Detail about Aug 1967 timeframe (prior to introduction of the PBRs of the 458th Trans Co.).

Article #3  News article from MP Journal, Feb 1967.  Sgt. Cool earns 3rd Purple Heart.

Article #4  News article from Roundup (18th Bde.) Oct 68.  Multinational Armed Forces Patrol in Vung Tau.

Article #5  Short history of the 95th Battalion written in June 1970.

Article # 6  92nd MP Bn deactivates.

Article # 7  Vung Tau MPs hunt water buffalo.

Article #8  Pfc. Woodall saves the life of a Vietnamese child.

Gold Books

Gold books are the historical records for Helicopter aircraft.  Included in them are often the final actions of Helicopter and crews.  The two Gold book data referenced here include brief descriptions of the fatal incidents to PFC John Shea UH-1B 62-01961 and Frank Holguin UH-1B 62-01963 who perished while serving as MP volunteer door gunners for the 114th Avn. Co., Vinh Long.   



This Silver Star Citation gives a little better detail of type of actions that took place in the An Khe and Mang Yang Passes than the usual brief text employed in Historical Summaries.  This action took place in the An Khe pass in 1971.  Crew members SP/4 Roger Wamsely also earned a Bronze Star with V, and SP/4 Ron Tomkins a Bronze Star with V and Purple Heart.  Two months later Sgt Mungle was wounded and med-evaced back to the States for medical treatment. 

Deployment Unit deployment at various stages of the Vietnam Era.
To Sept 1965 Sept 1965 to 1970 1970 and on.

July 1972 to Mar 1973