MP Veteran attendees at the Sept 03 Vietnam Veterans Meet, Kokomo, Ind.  Units represented include, 504th MP Bn.,716th MP Bn, 720th MP Bn., 1st Cav. MP Co., 9th Inf. MP Co., Americal (23rd Inf.) MP Co., 212 MP Co., 560th MP Co., 630th MP Co.. 

View of bandstand and campground at Kokomo.

The Howard County Vietnam Veterans Association (Kokomo, Ind) host an all units, all services reunion in Sept of each year.  This is billed as the largest Vietnam Veterans reunion in the country and given its size and continuous growth each year I think anyone would be hard pressed to disagree with that comment.  It is a casual affair, with no formal suit and tie dinners, no golf tournaments, and no speeches by politicians, etc.  Basically its a camp ground (formerly a dirt runway private airfield) occupied by Veterans lucky enough to have acquired a (sold out years in advance) camping spot.  Many, like myself, rent a hotel room and attend during the day.  Many are already on site by Friday but Saturday is the biggest day of the event.

 Although some units have an informal reunion each year at the site most come with Vet buddies of different units and services.  Former MPs find each other by the 18th Military Police Brigade hats they wear, which are purchased at the rather large vendors tent on site.  MPs may have served in different units and at different times but after a few minutes of conversation find that they are all still spiritual brothers.  We normally gather at one of the MP member campsite and share experiences and a few drinks, beer or soft drinks which ever is you liking.

If your in the area or if Kokomo is an easy drive from your location, come by and see us next year.  For you 560th members this may be as close to a reunion as we may ever get as we have no association.  Buy a hat and we will find you. 

Charles Klotz                                                                                                                                                             560th MP Co.                                                                                                                                                            Jan 66 - Jun 67