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from Vol. 3 No 6 of The Roundup (18th Bde.) newspaper, June 1970.  


Article on the 560th during the Cambodian operation, 1970.  For a more legible version click on the following: Article.


Does anyone know this puppy's name and the story about him?


V-100 "Charlie Brown" on the road out of Pleiku in the Cambodian campaign.

Caption reads, "James Kruise, machine gunner, removes goggles after dusty ride".

Caption reads, "Radio operator, Charles Smith relaxes at the Plei Djering staging area with a carton of milk while waiting for the vehicles to return".

Caption reads, "Michael Herzog, V100 driver, takes advantage of his vehicles shade to rest up for the trip back to Pleiku".

Caption reads, "Trucks pull out of Pleiku for the long dusty trip to Plei Djering on the Cambodian border.  A convoy leaves a trail of dust behind it as it heads toward Cambodia".