Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

Sept 20 - Sept 22 

Open to all former Members of the 560th MP Co.

This year is the 75th Anniversary of the creation of the Military Police Corps.  A number of events celebrating such are planned by the Military Police Regimental Association during the 4th week of September, 2016.  It is also the 2016 site of the 560th MP Co. reunion.  We will be touring the MP School (AIT) and MP Museum on Sept 21.  For those of you who went through AIT at Ft. Gordon, back in the day, be prepared for some surprises.  The training is much more intensive than the old days.  But also very impressive. You really don't want to miss this.

We are staying at the Baymount St. Roberts, MO.  Please identify yourself as a member of the 560th MP Co. reunion when reserving you rooms.  For those coming from the East, St. Louis is the nearest International Airport.  Those coming from the West, Springfield, MO is the nearest Airport.  St. Roberts is about half way between St. Louis and Springfield.


         139 CARMEL VALLEY WAY

           SAINT ROBERT, MO 65584

  Phone: (573) 336-5050

   Tuesday, Sept. 20 is arrival and collection day, Wednesday, Sept 21 tour of the MP School, MP Museum, etc., Thursday, Sept. 22, open social, where members can sightsee in the area or socialize at their discretion at the hotel (possible group dinner if desired).  Departure on the 23rd.

Hope to see you there.