Reunion 2010

Nashville, Tennessee


Vets of the 560th Vietnam era gather at Nashville for the 2010 reunion.

Reception layout provided by Ron Hooper and his wife for the incoming 

reunion members.  Thanks Ron and Gail.

Bob Whittaker (left) tell a story to reunion attendees. 

Ron Hooper is reading a humorous desk blotter entry from Vung Tau.

Mack Godwin and Pete Kennerk relive old adventures.

James Stone shares mementos with Larry Scheer (left) and John Baker (right).

Daniel Duarte (right) talks to Frank Tucker about the early days in Vietnam. 

Ron Boehl entertains Sallie Godwin and Marty Cole.



 Scott and Juanita Pryor.

Dinner at the Caney Fork.

 Same bunch but a view from the other end of the room.

Ron Hooper even provided live entertainment during dinner.  Ron and Gail proved to

excellent hosts for this reunion.


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