Tan Son Nhut


                                                      The White Cap Lounge.                                                                     While the HQ element was stationed at Tan Son Nhut, company personnel built the first Club on the airfield, "The White Cap Lounge".  It was replete with fully stocked bar, slot machines, juke box and a sun roof on the upper deck.  From Left, PFCs Harold Jones, Tim McLane, Jerry Johnson, and Kenneth Lang (kneeling) in Jan 66 a day or two after arriving in country. They still have the AIT Trainee haircuts from Fort Gordon.       Photo provided by Jerry Johnson.

Robert Whittaker at Tan Son Nhut in 1962.  Robert was one of the original members of the 560th, joining the Co. at Ft. Hood as it formed up and just before they shipped out to Viet Nam.

Home                                            Photo by Robert Whittaker.