3rd Platoon, Detachment


Vinh Long M.P. Desk, February 66.  Seated at the Desk is Q.C. Tai and PFC Charles Klotz.  In Vinh Long we shared the Desk with the Vietnamese QCs (Military Police). Photos in background are, from Left, Brig. Gen. Harley Moore - Provost Marshal RVN, Col. Ball - Comdr. 89th MP Group, Comdr 95th Bn. (name unkown), Capt. Verner Pike - CO 560th MP Co.                                                             This and the following photos provided by Charles Klotz.    

These two happy faces are SP/4 Houchins and PFC William Kenny, mugging for the camera in front of the Vinh Long MP Desk, February 66.

PFC Charles Klotz and two Vietnamese Canh Sats outside the Vinh Long Desk, Feb. 66.

Three Vietnamese Q.C.s that shared the combined QC and MP Desk in Vinh Long.  The two in front are, from Left, QC Tai and QC Mao, the QC in the background name is unknown.

Pagoda in Vinh Long.

Vinh Long main drag, May 66.

Marketplace in Vinh Long, May 66.

More scenes of the Marketplace.

Former French Military facility in Vinh Long.


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