In mid-1966 the HQ element moved from Tan Son Nhut Airbase in Saigon to Can Tho. The Can Tho compound was too small to properly house all the HQ element and the 3rd Platoon.  Somehow the HQ element was given choice real estate in Vung Tau sandwiched between the Ammo dump and the POL Dump.  All that was provided were concrete slabs and materials.  A crew was assembled from personnel in the 2nd and 3rd Platoons to construct the facilities.  When enough structures were completed the 2nd Platoon moved from their Villa in town to these barracks in February 67.        This and the following photos provided by Charles Klotz.

This is the first building under construction in Nov 66.  At this time we had no power tools and this first building was built with hand tools, it took forever.  When completed this building would house the Orderly Room and CO's office upstairs, the Armory and Supply room were down stairs.

Part of the original construction crew.  From left, seated, SP/4 Pitts, PFC Steve Beckham, standing, SP/4 Jack Whiteside, SP/4 Charles "Chuck" Landreth, seated on boards, SP/4 Tom Roach, standing, SP/4 William Crum.  Not pictured are SP/4 John Dealy, SP/4 Charles Klotz, and SP/4 Dan Towery.  212th MP Co. (dog handlers) compound in background.

Xmas eve 1966.  SP/4s, John Dealy, Charles Klotz, and Chuck Landreth.    

In Dec. 1966, the 560th provided security and convoy escort for the 9th Infantry Div. as they unloaded from the troopships at the Vung Tau docks and went on their way to their first base camp at Bear Cat.  The detail from the 560th secured the bridges and road through the 7 bridges area to Beria.

9th Infantry Div. troops, fresh off the troopship and in country about 1 hour.   

     SP/4 Charles Klotz after returning the from 9th ID convoy detail.  Holding a C-rations case looking for something to eat.

SP/4Teeters is also hungry after 9th Inf. Div. Convoy.

Sgt. Leroy Houchins standing in the road at dawn just before leading the first 9th Inf. Div. convoy to base camp at Bear Cat.  Harbor and cranes can be seen in the background.

            560th C.O. Capt. Flanigan and machine gunner prepare to take out a gun jeep, 1968.                                                                                 Above photo provided by Mike Flanigan          

1968, The sign at the HQ element, 1st, and, 2nd Platoon billets in Vung Tau.                                                                 Photo  provided by Vaughn  Guenley

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