Photos provided by Vaughan Guenley.


SP/4 John Sherwood and V100 Armored Vehicle, 1968-69.

PFC Larry D. Dupree, 1969, (see Fallen Troopers page).

SP/4 Cunningham on a rainy day at Main gate, Vung Tau 1969

Main gate Vung Tau Airfield, 1969

Personnel bunker under construction, Company area, Vung Tau 1968-69.

Another view of personnel bunker, now completed.

Orderly Room, Vung Tau HQ, 1968.  Note the silver battle bands on Guidon staff directly above sign.

Machinegun jeep, minus gun, parked in company area.

2 1/2 ton (Deuce and a half) trucks in company compound.  The fenced area to the right is the dog compound of the 212th MP Co.

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