Photos provide by Vaughan Guenley.



Front yard of Company Area, Vung Tau 1968.  The building in background is the Mess Hall.  The building on right of photo is the Shower House.

This and the following photos provided by Vaughan Guenley.

Beginning in mid-year 1968 the 560th maintained a checkpoint 10 Kilometers North of Vung Tau on Highway 15.  It was staffed from daylight till dark each day and stopped all traffic.

SP/4 Coleman takes a break at the Highway 15 Checkpoint, 1968-69.

SP/4 Kalish, with M-79 and Machinegun Jeep at Highway 15 Checkpoint, 1968-69.

The QCs also maintained a checkpoint on Highway 15 about 50 yards from the MP checkpoint.

SP/4 Kalish at the QC Checkpoint.  Hey Soldier, Where's your hat!

Photo of jeep taken from water tower in Vung Tau company area.  Note the placement of sandbags on floor of vehicle.  This was common practice to give protection from mines and also gave stability to the notorious M-151 jeep, which had a predilection to roll over on curves  taken at speed due to the independent wheel suspension.

Sgt. Vaughan Guenley at Beria about 20 Kilometers from Vung Tau, Sept. 1969.

Sgt. Vaughan Guenley examining bullet holes from friendly(?) fire after town patrol, 1969 (see windshield, passenger side).

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