Photos provided by Vaughan Guenley.


Sgt. Vaughan Guenley on town patrol with Canh Sat, 1968.

This and the following photos provided by Vaughan Guenley.

Typical Tug boat in Vung Tau bay.  Each Tug had 2 MPs on board as security while operating in port area.

1st Platoon, River Security  PBR.

River Security PBR 50 cal. aft machinegun while under way.

View from pilot house on PBR while under way in Vung Tau bay.

Daylight operations of the River Security Detail consisted of 1 Boston Whaler and 1 PBR.  Night hours operation consisted of 1 Boston Whaler and 3 PBRs.  At least one Vietnamese QC was onboard on one of the crafts during all hours of operation.

560th MP Co. River Security PBR at speed in Vung Tau bay.

Cargo ship at docks at Vung Tau.  In early days of River Security, prior to PBRs, MP personnel would load on ships at docks and ride up the Saigon river to the port of Saigon, usually 3-4 on each American flagged ship.

SP/4 David Cole sets up M-60 while aboard a Freighter on River Security Detail, 1967.

Photo provided by David Cole.       

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