Vung Tau

Circa 1966

Photos provided by Bob Shults.

 Before there were barracks there was a villa that the 2nd Plt lived in at Vung Tau.  Most residents were reluctant to leave this humble abode in town to move to the isolated barracks, north of the airfield.

 Pair talk over the fence at the villa with their neighbors.

 Airfield gate, checking passes.

R&R Troops as they pass the main gate check point headed for a well deserved night on the town.

 Aussie MP's stop by to chat with the Yanks.  The 560th often pulled International Patrols consisting of a 560th and Korean MP, a QC, a Canh Sat (white mice) and an Aussie MP.  We used the Aussie Land Rover because it could hold all of the patrol members.

 Vietnamese Interpreter at main gate wearing Shults' helmet liner.  She wanted to look intimidating.....don't think it worked.


It was easier to contact the PMO from the main gate land line than it was on the ANVCR/10 radio on the M151 Jeep.  The ANVCR/10 reliability was terrible.

 Conex containers at the PMO.  Converted to drunk holding cells they were effective and easy to clean out.                               Photo provided by Dave Cooper

  The ever present horse carts that roamed Vung Tau looking for GI tourist dollars.

Bob Shults photo from MP school at Ft Gordon, 1966.

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